What do your fragrances smell like?

—Artie Januario

Tree Ranger -- This is the most popular fragrance offered by Beardbrand. Sharp top notes of cedar wood and eucalyptus will leave you feeling like you're in the middle of the forest on a mid afternoon hike. The crisp woodsy pine will stick with you as a heart note hours after application.

Spiced Citrus -- Perfect for those cold winter days. Spiced Citrus uses a blend of notes including grapefruit and spices. This fragrance seems to have a warming effect on your senses. Holiday aromas in nutshell.

Tea Tree -- If you can imagine waking up to a crisp, early morning in the mountains, that is what you'll be putting in your beard. With top notes that will indulge your senses in tea tree and mint, then follow with a tad sweeter heart note.

Old Money -- The same oil base was used for this classy, firm fragrance. Top notes of oak, bourbon, black pepper, and amber will give you the perfect combination of sweet and musky. This fragrance is for the beardsman who enjoys an afternoon cigar and a stout glass of whiskey. Mahogany encompasses the heart and base notes.

Temple Smoke -- With a more complex formula, Temple Smoke is formulated from jojoba and argan oil. The dominant top note, agarwood is obtained from burning the resin formed within the aquilaria tree. This extremely unique fragrance is the perfect combination of musk and warmth. Heart notes include oak moss and sandalwood that will leave a lasting impression on your senses.

Four Vices -- This is not a child's fragrance. Four Vices is the aromatic translation of wisdom and experience. Crafted around your favorite sins, this gold line product blends tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis. The scent is subtle, and irresistibly unique. The base note of Four Vices affords you with the aroma of smooth pine.