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10 Reasons To Not Have a Beard

You read it right – Jeff is coming at you with 10 reasons not to have a beard.

10) Maybe you don’t need it. There are many ways to achieve your desired look, and it’s entirely possible that you don’t need a beard to reach it.

9) Regulations. Maybe you’re military, maybe your religion dictates you not have a beard, or maybe your work environment mandates you stay completely shaven. In any case, sometimes it’s out of your hands and that’s ok.

8) Skip the trend. Beards are trending at the moment, and some people fight trends simply to set themselves apart.

7) Not wanting to be identified by it. It’s cool if you feel like a beard might not be the calling card you want – everyone is different and you have to find your unique calling card.

6) Stigma. Similar to tattoos, some folks just don’t like beards, period. If you decide to skip the stigma by skipping the beard, that’s totally fine.

5) Doesn’t fit your personality. Bearded guys are usually considered more masculine and dominant, and completely shaven guys are usually deemed more sociable and more agreeable.

4) Doesn’t fit your style. Everyone is shooting for a different look, and you have to find the facial hair style (among other things) that work best for you.

3) You or your partner just don’t dig it. They aren’t for everyone, and it’s possible that you – or your significant other – won’t love your beard.

2) They take work. Face it guys, beards take maintenance. If it’s not for you, skip it and don’t bother with the extra care associated with facial hair.

1) Genetics. Your beard is determined by your genetics, and if it’s just not happening for you, embrace what you have – or what you don’t – and find just the right style for your genetic predisposition.





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