Growing a Beard From Completely Shaven | Jeff Buoncristiano

Urban Beardsman

Now that Jeff is growing his beard back out he's got the great opportunity to set expectations for what will happen during your beard growth journey.

Jeff breaks down what you should expect after the first week, first couple of weeks, and first month in this video. How to deal with the itchiness, how to trim, and all that goes into the early stages.


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  • What do you recommend for gray beards. Gray beards have a tendency to yellow. There are numerous products on the market, but I did not see this discussed on your site. Please don’t forget about us gray beards.

    Jake Holtzinger on

  • WE have much different patterns ,and rates of growth. I have worn a full beard since 9/1/70. I started by having ear-lobe length sideburns since 6/1/68. I then started my mustache on 8/15/ the hair on my upper lip takes longer to grow. I then started the rest of the beard on September 1st, and by the 4th, the stubble was long enough to stop itching .By the 17th, my full beard was complete.(Of course, the beard came in around the age of 13 and 1/2. By the time I was 15, I would drag the razor across my chops at 6 AM, and by 10 AM< the bristles would be showing up.

    John Mize on

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