Style Your Hair For Wearing a Hat | Jeff Buoncristiano Beardbrand

Jeff is back with another video, but this time he's giving tips on how to style your hair if you are planning to wear a hat. With winter brutally upon us, it's going to be important to look our best when we leave the outdoors and come back into the warm indoors. With a few tips and a little bit of work, you can sport an awesome look when you pull your hat off.

To style your hair when you wear your hat, what you'll need to do is first start off with some hair oil to help protect the hair from the drying affects of hats. Then from there you can just a small amount of pomade to give your hair a little bit of hold, control and movement. You'll want to apply these products while your hair is slightly damp.

Feel confident when you go outside your hair will look it's best when you come back in.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder