Grooming Questions AMA Answers | Eric Bandholz

1:17 Reifstar - What are your thoughts on using 'Bosley' shampoo and conditioner on one's beard?

1:54 Donald Johnson - After four days of growth know should i started taking care of it with oils and soaps that you recommend to do?

(Crap, I missed answering this) Robert Dennehy - Two topics to ask about. 1: Is it a common thing to get holes in your beard from stress, and what's the best way to deal with holes?

2:55 Justin Thiboutot - Hey Eric! When do you suggest starting to use a brush for your beard, (i.e. recommended length) and what are the benefits to doing so over a simple comb through. I got a look at the boar's hair brush on your site and it got me thinking! Thanks!

4:08 Will Harkcom - How long does my beard need to be before braiding it will be successful? Or maybe I should not?

5:05 Christopher Sanford - I've just been confronted with my companies updated dress code, which states beards and facial hair are to be kept "clean and well groomed." My lead seems to interpret this as short or nothing, I think it's rather ambiguous. I have 18 months worth of growth that I probably put more effort into maintaining than many women do their long hair. How would you recommend I present my argument?

6:41 THony2226 - How do you deal with thin beard hair?

7:37 - Amar Kay - I cant get beard oil so what are some alternatives to condition a longer beard or soften it more. For daily use as well as less frequent. Thanks

8:48 JT O'Connor - should we shampoo our beard? In my case I can't get any beard oils due to my geographic location

8:58 megagene - I'm an Asian dude in my 30's growing a beard, and as I'm sure you can imagine, my genetics are trying their best to work against me. My beard is actually pretty Godly by Asian standards (i.e. I can grow a beard at all), but pales horribly in comparison to my densely bearded Caucasian counterparts who grow hair almost right to their eyes. My question to you is: Do you think it's better to have a kind of crappy patchy beard than no beard at all? Because I do very much enjoy the concept of beards.

9:30 Freshmens Alley - how long should my mustache wax last? i tend to sweat it out lately when i workout and the heat doesn't help. and do you know anything about or something similar? heard they have accounts that earn 10-15% not sure what kind...

10:39 21maggot4life - New to using beard oil, How often should I use it? I've been doing using it about twice a day

11:08 Edd Stewart - Do you ever have bad beard days and think it just looks awful? I sure do

11:24 Darius Fratila - My beard grows really thick on my upper cheeks and and neck, but it's super patchy on the mid cheek and chin area. I've stuck through, even though I've wanted to shave my facial pubes for a while. Any advice on trimming and keeping this rascally thing under wraps?

12:13 Gabriel Keenan - Should I shampoo my beard everyday? I know it's bad for the beard, but I live in Rio de Janeiro and because of our whole-year-heat, I tend to sweat frequently. Is there a less agressive(?) way of washing/cleaning it? Thanks.

13:36 Toby-O Forever - Beard care: beard balm and beard oil... Should you/can you use them together or do they do the same thing, so, pick one?




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