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Personal Questions For Eric Bandholz | Beardbrand

Jared Jones - Id like to see a photo of you before you grew the mighty beard. Like a before and after video lol.

Frank Wave - Do girls touch your beard?

Keith Gee - What is your daily routine including beard care and work etc?

Robert Dennehy - How would you rate the quality of life in Spokane, and would you recommend living there? If I'm not mistaken that's where you live, and I've been considering moving there from Ireland after I finish my college degree. Keep up the good work man

beavisbonce - Do the curtains match the carpet? U get me

Pookie250 - What is your opinion on Jack Passion in the terms of what he does for beardsmen and the culture?

rblain82 - How much of your day is consumed with or revolving around your beard or beards in general? Would you have it any other way? Do you see this bearded lifestyle as a fad, or a long lasting money making business for you? Will you sell beard oil for the rest of your life?

Adam Sweeney - Me and a couple friends were discussing "reasons" to shave. For you, what would be a worthy reason to shave? and more along the same, is there a reason you would stay clean shaven?

Gabriel Ricks - What inspired you to grow a bread? I decided to grow my first beard in order to stop smoking, to gain respect for my body, to become more calm/collective and to honor my deceased grandmother. Do you have any reasons that you could relate with here?

Maurice Irvin - Long time viewer, first time commenter (and also recent customer). Are you a smoker (tobacco)? If so, do you have any tips about not lighting one's beard on fire?

DrinkOfTheCloud - Realistically, how many baby birds can you fit in your beard?

Bozymandias1 - How about a hair tutorial like how its cut and what you use in it. Your due is solid.

halfstep67 - How close does a fly get to the ceiling before it flips upside down to land?

isaac marcum - Are there people who actually shouldn't grow their beards. And what are your thoughts on manscaping.

Ryan Naeve - Do you have any awesome jokes that you haven't been able to work into a video?

Philip Vander Veer - Seems like beards are becoming more common place lately, especially longer ones, do you think this is a fad that will fizzle out like so many other styles? Personally I hope it does not and I appreciate your efforts to help keep others motivated to keep their facial hair growing.

nater1687 - Why'd you move to Austin?

SupaFlyFatGuy859 - What are your thoughts are firearms? Being a knife and gun guy in the community here on Youtube, I'd like to know that one!

Freshmens Alley - Do you know anything about or something similar? heard they have accounts that earn 10-15% not sure what kind...

booshido - What are your thoughts on female pogonophiles? What role do you think beards play in the bedroom? Is there such a thing as "too much" beard?

Maarten Lok - How do you sleep with your beard?

Christian Van-Ristell - When did you pop the ol' cherry (virginity)?

Michael Bass - What's your opinion on skinny guys with long hair and beards?

Carlos Santos - How is your beard developed over the years (thickness, fuller)? Since teenage until now.

Cody Young - Most embarrassing scenario caused by having a beard? Have you ever been denied a job because of a beard? How often does food get stuck in your beard?

Alfred Loser - What kind of music do you enjoy the most ?

Soulfab420 & Justin Evans - Eric: What's the meaning of life? The key to happiness? Life after death?

SgtPepper7715 - Is there any facial hair that you particularly admire from Game of Thrones?

ZekeFIFA - Hi Eric, do you ever days that you feel like shaving your beard altogether?

rainbow20112011 - How old are you? Are you male or female?

Brian Laverdiere - Hey dude, How long would you like your beard to get? How did you decide where to cut your cheek line? Why not a natural cheek line? What are those neck hairs doing? How long has it taken to get your stache that long? Ever trim it? What's your main occupation?





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