Balding Hair Tips With Sebastian Lightfoot | Eric Bandholz

The one downside of having an awesome beard means that you may also be losing your head hair. Unfortunately, they go hand in hand. Instead of simply shaving it all off, there are some tips and tricks you can do to maximize what you got for the time being.

The first thing you should do is recognize how you are losing your hair. All styles are different. If you are in the early stages you can still grow your hair longer to cover parts of the thinning hair. Parting the hair and combing it to the side is a great way to create the appearance of thicker hair.

For a receding hairline, you can emphasize the part with a shaved part and a classic pomp style.

From there you can also dye your hair darker, or use a hair dye that will also cover the scalp and make it harder to see the contrast of your hair and the scalp. There are products out there which will give volume or plump up your hair. Sebastian Lightfoot recommends DS Laboratories or Kevin Murphy as good sources.

From there you can visit your dermatologies and talk to them about prescription drug options out there. The two generic options you'll want to ask about is minoxidil and finasteride which go by the brand names of Rogaine and Propecia.




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