Man Bun For Short Hair | Eric Bandholz

My hair is finally long enough that I can pull off a small man bun. There are a few different options which makes it more fun. You can get several different looks from one style and it comes down to three different factors - the location of the bun, whether or not you comb your hair, or naturally pull it back, and if you create a small bun or leave it as a pony tail.

The first option I show you is the samurai hair style, which is simply a pony tail for short hair that sits high on the head. From there you move up a little higher on the head and create one loop which is the man bun for short hair, and finally bring up even higher, and you are looking at a top knot.

As your hair gets longer, you'll be able to wrap the bun in different ways and create even more looks and feels. The versatility of longer hair is fantastic and it's been a fun journey for me so far.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder