How To Interact With A Man With A Beard | Eric Bandholz

Us beardsmen are usually pretty laid back and fun loving people, but there are some unwritten rules on how to interact with their beards. The most important thing is to NEVER touch another man's beard without his permission. The only time this is OK is if he is your boyfriend or husband, and in that case have free reign at it.

From there it's totally cool to ask about his beard or ask how long it's taken to grow. While we get that question a lot, it's a fair question that people are curious about - as well as other beardsmen are curious about.

Never feel ashamed to give a compliment to a beardsmen about his beard. The ole "nice beard" will always bring a pep to my step and is nice to hear. It takes time to grow a beard so it's great to see when someone appreciates it.

If you are dating a beardsman, please support him on his journey but also tell him your true feelings. Let him know if you like it or you don't if he asks, but tell him that you want him to grow if he wants to grow. A beardsman typically doesn't appreciate being told what to do; so allow him to make his own decisions. After all, a man that is free to grow his beard is also a man who's free to shave.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder