Men's hair growth and maintenance tips | Eric Bandholz

Video Timestamps
0:03 - Introduction
1:07 - Raul Taylor
1:32 - Products to use on hair
2:30 - Washing techniques
5:09 - Drying Techniques
6:06 - Dealing with dry/frizzy hair
7:25 - Straighten out curly hair
9:11 - Tips for growing hair out
10:40 - How to grow hair faster
11:12 - Wrap up

When growing your hair out for the first time there are a lot of things to take into consideration. No longer can you abuse your hair to have it cut off in a couple of weeks. Long hair takes years to grow and once it's come out of your body you can't fix any damage that happens to it.

It's important to use shampoos that are more gentle on your hair and don't completely strip the oils from your scalp. When you wash your hair you'll want to wash at the scalp and then condition the tips.

When you dry your hair you'll want to pat the hair dry rather than vigorously towel dry your hair. Then with a wide tooth comb you'll want to detangle your hair and if possible let your hair air dry. If you don't have time to air dry, you can use your hair dryer and I always suggest using the coolest heat possible to achieve your goal. I like using a diffuser to spread the direct blow.

If you have dry/curly hair it's important to condition your hair regularly and even look at scaling back the number of times you wash your hair. From there using a hair oil can help keep the frizziness at bay.

If you want to straighten out your wavy / curly hair you can put it in a pony tail to help minimize your curls. From there if you want to make it permanently straight; then you can get it chemically treated to straighten it.

To grow your hair faster vitamins will help out a lot. I recommend biotin which is water soluble (you'll pee out what your body doesn't take in), a multi-vitamin, and some fish oil. This isn't required if you eat a very healthy diet.




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