Five best drinks for beardsmen | Eric Bandholz

If you are rocking an epic beard then you must also order an epic drink. These are the five best drinks that no other beardsman would look down upon.

  1. Beer. You can never go wrong with this option. But if you are still drinking Budweiser, put that bad boy down. Pick up yourself some micro brew from a local brewery or better yet, brew some homebrew with your buds. Enjoy the fruits of your labor 5 weeks later.
  2. Bourbon, Neat. Don't mess around with putting ice in the drink. Put a little hair on your chest and drink this bad boy as it would come out of the bottle. The thing with drinking bourbon neat is that you'll drink it at the same pace as you'd drink a beer. So you'll want to sip on it, feel the drink in your mouth, and enjoy it over time. You aren't in college anymore; so stop trying to get drunk.
  3. Old Fashion. This cocktail classic will never be a wrong choice. It's one of the oldest cocktails on the books and it's survived for good reason - it's damn good. Every bar will know out to make it, but not all will make a good one. Try them out from a variety of bars
  4. Sex on the Beard. This cocktail is something that I just came up with. Brilliant; I know! It's essentially Sex on the Beach, but instead of using orange juice you are using pineapple juice. Why? Well, because pineapples kinda looks like beards... Sorta.
  5. Coffee. Specifically cold brew coffee. This stuff has been brewing in room temperature water over something like 24 hours and is super smooth and oh so flavorful! Drink this stuff straight without any cream or sugar. You'll thank me over time.



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Eric Bandholz, Founder