Find your Beardspiration | Eric Bandholz

—Eric Bandholz

First I dive into how when growing your hair or beard you need to focus not on the negatives, but the positives. Having your mind in the right place is the first step to helping you achieve your goals. From there you need to find your goals and identify them. To do that, it's very helpful to have beardspiration.

Beardspiration is a person or a few people who rock the look you are going for. Typically they will have a similar beard and hair type to you and is one you can easily mimic.

The thing is, these people don't need to be celebrities - they can be friends, family, or online buddies. I know a few people online who have very similar beards to me and it's great to chat with them and go through the journey together. Get involved in a beard community and start getting toward your goals!

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