Ten Best Bearded Halloween Costumes | Eric Bandholz

—Eric Bandholz

Halloween is fast approaching and if you haven't got a costume idea, you best get on it. We've been running a Halloween campaign to share some of the best costumes for bearded guys, and here are my personal top 10 from that list.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top - tango_47 (https://instagram.com/p/9CNkverR_F/)
Duck Dynasty - kparks85 (https://instagram.com/p/9KBN7OrxZ1/)
Jesus - thej_ob (https://instagram.com/p/9CGLJ6xTZb/)
Billy Mays - jfcargo74 (https://instagram.com/p/9KZ_B9HtzU/)
Che - alexromanwisniewski (https://instagram.com/alexromanwisnie...)
Bearded John Lenin - austinfrank (https://instagram.com/p/u8MTtRipaa/)
Thor - copper1610 (https://instagram.com/p/8TlpodqalH/)
Forest Gump - thej_ob (https://instagram.com/p/9CF2nJRTYp/)
Lieutenant Dan - tray44 (https://instagram.com/p/9CgWaQGK_G/)
Happy Gilmore's Caddy - huuugh18 (https://instagram.com/p/9Pfn0vowhN/)