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—Eric Bandholz

We're giving away 100 bottles of Tree Ranger beard oil! Head over to our contest page now to enter.

Time to break out the champagne, ladies and gentlemen - we just hit 100K subscribers on this channel!

You guys have shown us how strong the urban beardsman lifestyle and community truly is. You guys are bearded ambassadors that go out every day and help change the way society views beardsmen, and we think that's totally awesome.

To show you how much we appreciate the love and support you've shown us over the years, we're hooking 100 of you up with some Tree Ranger beard oil. That's right, we're giving away 100 bottles of our most popular beard oil as our way of saying "Thanks for being so kickass."

Head over to our giveaway page and enter for a chance to win. Entries accepted through Thursday, March 24th.

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