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Recreate a 1920s Haircut

Jacob is in Gentleman & Rogue's Club with Mahesh to get his haircut! He wants to look like Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Mahesh is gonna go in nice and sharp on the sides, cut it around the temple and bring it above the occipital bone.

He wets the hair slightly and sections the sides away from the top. The clipper is attached to a 2 guard (about 6mm) and they take away a bit of the length and bulk. Jacobs last cut was about 5-6 weeks ago, and he was trying to grow it out. So there is quite a lot of hair here since they only did a scissor cut last time. For the cut today, they go a little higher than the temple to match the style of the show (which takes place in the 1920s). The time period had stronger lines than the fades we're used to seeing. Shorter hair was common at this time to avoid lice and keep it clean for longer. A little hair was left on top to stop helmets from hurting.

Mahesh takes the sides quite high by using a slightly open 0 guard all the way around the back and sides. He leaves a little bit of a gap where he stops the cut so he can make it appear softer. Clipper over comb is used to take out some of the weight and also flicks at the line to create a bit of a blend. This still allows Jacob to have that contrast but takes away some of the harshnesses that would've come with it.

He combs the hair around to get that slight overhang they are looking for. Then he goes back around with clippers and a comb to take off the slight lip. Mahesh then goes back over the sides with the detailers to get the hair just a fraction shorter and really get the look Jacob is looking for. To go even shorter, and give him a bit more time before he has to get his hair cut again, they use the foils on the back and sides as well.

For the top, they go back over it with a comb and a straight razor. Mahesh just focuses on the ends to take a bit of weight out of them and make it lighter. They brush it back and use a blow dryer to get it in the direction Jacob wants it to sit. A little pomade to finish, and he's on his way home.





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