3 Rules for Growing Out Your Beard | Eric Bandholz

—Zach Caruso

Ready to grow your beard? Well we've got three tips that are going to answer your beard growing questions and make your journey easier.

First rule - When in doubt, grow it out. Growing a beard takes time and patience, there's no way around it, so relax and don't make any rushed decisions. Eric suggests that if you're contemplating shaving your beard off completely, take one day to think it over for every month of growth you've put in so far. Got a seven month old beard? Take a week to mull it over before you go forth and shave.

Second rule - Neckline. No one wants a neckbeard, but be sure you're clear on which part of your beard constitutes the neck, and which part is considered part of your head.

Third and final rule - There are no rules. At the end of the day, you're free to do with your beard what you want. You're your own person, so do what makes you happy and helps you grow as an individual.

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