3 Things I Learned From My Beard - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back for the 14th edition of his yeard journey. He's been growing out his beard for over three months now (the longest it's ever been), and he's got a few things to share about his journey:

1. Hair Grows at a Different Speed Than You Think

Jack's beard grew in much faster than he expected, which has him learning maintenance tricks and hacks on a regular basis in order to keep things presentable. At 3 months, Jack was expecting more of a tight beard. It's a lot puffier and wilder than he ever expected at this point. 

Remember - everyone's different. We are at the mercy of our genetics, and at Beardbrand we believe in embracing and working with what your genetics gifted you. If that means a few patches or it means super dense growth - own it and work with it.

2. Not Everyone Has a Terminal Mustache

There is a misconception that your mustache is likely terminal - that it only grows to a certain point, and then it stops. Jack found that this wasn't true for him - he has to trim his mustache regularly in order to eat and keep it more presentable. 

It demonstrates an even more important point: you don't even know what you have until you grow it. Jack thought he would have a slower, neater beard and a terminal mustache, but now he's growing faster than he can manage it. This blog writer (yours truly) didn't know that his mustache is actually kinda thin compared to the rest of his beard. 

When going for new growth, drop the expectations and see what happens. You can always reach out to us if you have questions, but there is no point in worrying about what you can and cannot do until you actually have to cross the bridge. 

3. Care is Necessary

This is the most important lesson that Jack has learned over the last several months. If you want it to be neat and clean and shaped well, you can't get around having to trim, wash, and style occasionally. 

If you want to grow your beard out and don't want to maintain it - that is completely fine! We're not trying to push anything outside of what you want to do. You do  you!

That being said, Jack is on camera at least a couple times a week, which makes him pay attention to how he looks in front of the Beardbrand audience. When getting ready for camera, Jack has had to do a lot of washing and softening, brushing, combing, and maintenance trims in order to feel comfortable in front of thousands of YouTubers. 

So - if you don't require any maintenance to exude comfort and confidence, then great! if you require care and maintenance to feel good about where your beard's at (like Jack), then we've got the tips you need. 

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