31 Daily Thoughts You Have While Growing a Beard

—Urban Beardsman

Day 1 – Here it goes, I’ll be looking grizzly in no time.

Day 2 – Yep, by tomorrow people won’t recognize me.

Day 3 – Is it even growing?

Day 4 – Why do people keep asking me if I’ve been on a bender?

Day 5 – Man, I’m so rugged.

Day 6 – This is itchy.

Day 7 – I think I need some more flannel.

Day 8 – Could I pull off a mustache?

Day 9 – Are humans the only animals that choose to cut their own hair?

Day 10 – I definitely can’t pull off a mustache.

Day 11 – I need to find a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle.

Day 12 – I wonder what my high school girlfriend would think of this?

Day 13 – I should really learn to whittle.

Day 14 – Could I pull off a tattoo sleeve?

Day 15 – I should get a new pair of boots.

Day 16 – This is still kinda itchy.

Day 17 – The patchiness goes away, right?


Day 18 – It’s probably cold enough for a beanie…

Day 19 – Why don’t politicians have beards anymore?

Day 20 – How often do I need to clean this thing?

Day 21 – Biking is so much cooler than driving.

Day 22 – Why don’t Amish guys have mustaches?

Day 23 – Uh, how did that twig get in there?


Day 24 – Do beards produce dandruff?

Day 25 – I thought it would be softer.

Day 26 – Who knew beard oil was a thing?


Day 27 – I think I’ll try muttonchops next.

Day 28 – Motorcycle are so cool.

Day 29 – Why does everyone want to touch my face?

Day 30 – Yep, I definitely just tasted last night’s dinner in my mustache.

Day 31 – Remember when I used to shave every other day? Screw that.

Day 31 – Goodbye razor, hello glory!

Day 31 – 30 days later and I’m a new man.

Day 31 – New man. New year. New life. Beard on.

Day 31 – That guy just let me have the last slice of pizza because my beard was longer than his. Mission accomplished.

Day 31 – Before I was simply a man, but now I’m a beardsman. This year is gonna be awesome.


About the Artist

J.A.Parker was born in 1987 and grew up in Fall River, MA. He began drawing comics at a young age ripping off Ninja Turtles and Dragonball. After a few years of experimenting with short strips and webcomics he released Achoo, his first full-length comic, in 2013. Since then he has created numerous comics including Manimals and Lumbersexual, check them out on his main page and follow him on Twitter @japarkerart.


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