4 Easy Fashion Tips

—Urban Beardsman

Today Carlos is talking fashion, and four easy tips to help you improve your fashion game.

1) Look into trends. It’s all about evolution and growing, so take some time to do your research to find what works for you and what you feel best wearing. Want to keep up with current fashion trends to get some ideas? Carlos suggests keeping an eye on current musicians, actors, and artists and taking some cues from them.

2) Listen to the experts. Men’s fashion magazines and blogs are quite useful in finding some basic fashion rules. And don’t only read the articles – look at the ads. They’ll give you a good ideas about trending fashion trends.

3) Go vintage. Do a little hunting to find some awesome retro items that are back in style – what was once old will eventually be new again.

4) Be yourself. The biggest part of your style is going to be wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So keep your eye on the trends and what’s in, but always put your personal style and confidence above all else.

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