4 Ways To Wear Long Hair

We’re currently living in a resurgent golden age of long hair for men. What was once commonplace during the 60's and 70's has returned with a vengeance after a dormant period of Zach Morris-styling and many iterations of the buzz. Of course, with more hair comes more options for how to style it. Although we encourage you to experiment with your own hair and styling, there are a few go-to’s that we always support.

According to Beardbrand founder, and all around stylish guy, Eric Bandholz, there are four starting points for styling your hair once it reaches a certain length. The first is undoubtedly the simplest, just wearing it down. This sounds simple and it truly is, but of course there are options to consider. You can use a little product to help it shine or keep it in place and then there’s choosing which side to part it to if that’s more up your alley, but this style should be the easiest and simplest way to wear your locks.

Next is the hairstyle that’s divided a nation, the man bun. Maybe it’s not for you, or maybe it is, but let us tell you that when your hair really starts taking on some length, being able to throw it up in a bun will help keep you cool and will essentially take care of itself in terms of staying put while you’re out and about. When it comes to the bun, there are really two choices: either the top knot or the low knot. Some guys prefer wearing their bun higher up on their heads, which provides a little more contrast to your beard. Others, they like wearing it lower down towards the middle of the back of their heads. The choice friends is up to you.

Lastly, and maybe the most experimental style, is what we like to call the half-pony. If you want to get some of your hair out of your face, but still want to show off those epic locks, tying back the front and top hair on your head offers the best of both worlds. It might not be for everyone, but it might just be for you.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder