5 Barbershop Commandments

Mahesh is back for another round of Mahesh's Musings, and this week he's going to teach you how to make your barber happy. That's right - you want your barber to be happy if they're going to give you an amazing look, right? Right. That means you should know these five unspoken rules of being an A+ client for your barbershop. If you didn't know these in advance, don't worry - many people don't. That's why Mahesh is here to help!

If you want to keep your barber happy and get the best experience possible, follow these five commandments on being your barber's favorite client. 

Don't Arrive Early

The last thing any barber wants is to sort through a group of walk-ins who all arrived before the shop even opens. Don’t show up thirty minutes early, whether you’re a walk-in when the shop opens or you have an appointment. It mucks up the shop’s flow and energy when there is looming pressure from hovering clients.

It's one thing to show up 5 or 10 minutes early - that's usually fine - but let's give it some context. Example time! You're preparing a meal for a date and he or she arrives thirty minutes early - long before the food is plated. You'd then have to manage setting the table, finishing the meal, pouring a drink, and wrapping up your personal grooming all while trying to hold a pleasant conversation because you want them to come back. If that sounds a bit more stressful than you'd like your date to go, it's because it is. 

Wait Patiently

Give your barber the time and freedom they need to mentally prepare for your appointment, take a short break, and clean up their area for you. Don’t presumptively sit in the chair before you’ve been asked to, as this is often considered rude or inconsiderate of the barber's space. Waiting patiently until you are called will allow your barber a moment to go through their post-appointment and pre-appointment checklists, which is a better experience for everyone.

Come Prepared

Know what you want, know what you don’t want, and know how to explain this to your barber. Bring a picture to reference if you can! This will keep your appointment efficient and keep the rest of the customers waiting in line happy. 

It can be extremely frustrating for a barber to hear “I don’t know what I want” when their customer has been waiting for a long time and has customers waiting after them. If you genuinely want to change it up but don't know how, schedule an appointment in advance and let the barber know you'd like some consultation time. 

Respect The Craft

Have you ever thought something was really hard, and felt dismissed when someone diminished it? If you bench pressed 300 pounds, you would feel uncomfortable if someone said "Oh it's just 300 pounds, no big deal..." That's how barbers feel when clients flippantly discuss their haircuts. 

Saying something like "just a fade" is a pet peeve to barbers because it shows ignorance of the craft. A skin fade is an extremely technical cut that requires lots of practice to master, so saying something to the effect of "I just want a little quick fade" can rub a barber the wrong way. 

Silence Your Cell Phone

Do not answer your phone. Stopping your haircut for a personal call while there is a line of people waiting is rude and disrespectful to your barber and the business. Turn your phone off or on silent, and keep it tucked away so your paid professional can focus on giving you an amazing cut. They'll need to angle your head and communicate with you to get it just right, so give them your undivided attention.

That's all for this week's edition of Mahesh's Musings. Until next time - beard on!







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