5 Must-Have Men’s Bags

From backpacks to holdalls, today Carlos is breaking down his picks for five must have bags that every man should own.

The Briefcase

These bad boys have been around forever, and while they used to be bulky and big, but today they’re typically smaller, lighter, and made from softer material. It tells people that you mean business, and is best suited for more professional looks like a suit.

The Tote

It’s a modern take on a classic briefcase, but it doesn’t come off as corporate. The design is simple, and the long handles give it a contemporary feel. Carry it with smart, casual clothing for a masculine edge to your look.

The Messenger

Satchels, shoulder bags, call them what you will, it’s all the same – they’re highly functional and practical, and are a great pick for every atmosphere from the classroom to the office. Leather will give you a more refined and classic style, while canvas give a more casual feel.

The Holdall

Perfect for traveling, business, and gym use, these bags give off a manly vibe and pair well with suits and stylish casual wear.

The Backpack

They aren’t just for your school books anymore, boys! They’re a great accessory for your every day carries, and they give a classy and casual vibe to your look.





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Eric Bandholz, Founder