5 Steps To Become A Better Man

—Urban Beardsman

No man, bearded or not, is done evolving as a person until the day they die. However, not everyone is pushing themselves to improve. Some simply wait back and hope it happens, but we here at Urban Beardsman know that it takes more than that. Becoming a better man takes commitment and energy to really improve who you are and that’s something that you should invest a little bit of time in each and every day.

According to Urban Beardsman founder Eric Bandholz, there are five easy steps to becoming a better man. First, take responsibility, which comes along with ending any sort of entitled thinking and stepping up to own yourself. Second, filter out the haters. Some hate that you receive will be intentional, while some won’t be. Similarly, sometimes criticism isn’t constructive, but other times there is some truth at the end that can help you improve. Take the time to filter out the stuff that doesn’t help and build off the feedback that can make you a better person down the road. Third, never Settle. You always want to be improving and stepping up your game with efficiency. Four, get out of your comfort zone and grow. Do things that make you slightly uneasy and that you haven’t done in the past. Finally, fifth, focus on what is in your control. You can only do so much in life, but you can’t control things that are outside of your power.

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