5 Tips on How To Invest

Let’s talk finance. Today Eric and Clayton are discussing the top 5 tips for investing.

1. Investment foundation. This means you have to have and understanding of how you earn your money, how you preserve your money, and your liquidity.

2. Don’t put yourself in a box. There are a lot of ways to invest – from stock market investments to precious metals – so don’t limit yourself to any one type of investment choice.

3. Don’t try to beat the market. Unless your full-time job is working within the market and you dedicate 40+ hours a week to investing, you won’t be generating a full-blown income from investments.

4. Take the emotion out. Don’t act on emotion, you want to treat it like a business and have an investment routine wherein you are regularly making intelligent buys and sales.

5. ETF’s. Exchange Traded Funds allow you to get involved in the market with high liquidity and low trading expense.


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