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5 Tips to Improve Your Look in 30 Days

Ready to step up your style game? Piece of cake. Eric has five easy tips to make you look sharp, fresh, and totally styling.

1. Get a haircut

No you’re not a messy heathen, and no one is telling you to chop off your locks just for the sake of change. But getting a regular tune up will go a long way in keeping you looking fresh, neat, and well put together.

2. Find the right products

From your hair to your beard to your body, you’ve got to hone in on the products that are harmonious with your body chemistry and aren’t chock full of synthetics and chemicals.

3. Find the right clothing

Of course good quality clothing is paramount, but Eric says above all else is actually the fit. Even the best quality clothes will look like crap and make you look like crap in the process if they don’t fit well. Find just the right fit with you, and don’t worry which brands fit you best – the fit and look far outweigh the name on the tag.

4. Catch some Z’s

If you’re only getting two or three hours of sleep a night, you’re going to end up with bags under your eyes, sagging skin, and you’re going to throw your whole body out of whack. Get a good night’s sleep and do your body right.

5. Stay hydrated

It’s easy – drink lots of water and you’ll see your skin and hair look healthy and glowing.





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