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5 Tips to Overcome Your Fears

We all have fears, and there are things that scare us sometimes. But Carlos is here today with five tips to help you overcome your fears.

1) Identify and be aware. It seems counter-intuitive, but examine your fear in detail. Dive in deep and figure out what exactly it is that you’re really afraid of, and where it is rooted.

2) Here and now. If you can focus on the here and now, you will find that you’re in this moment and all you can do is accept how things are. Be present and realize that your worrying about what may happen is taking you away from the immediacy of the things happening around you right now.

3) Take action. Fears are created by our imagination to make reality seem harder than it is. When you face the fear and take action, your fears and worries become weaker.

4) Be positive and perspective. Flip the fear of something negative to thoughts of something positive. Focus on the optimistic outcomes and possibilities.

5) Talk and therapy. Talking it out with someone you’re close to or someone who knows how to walk you through overcoming you fears goes a long way in helping tackle your fears and anxieties.





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