6 Beard Products You’ve Never Heard Of

—Urban Beardsman
6 Beard Products You’ve Never Heard Of

Whisker Dam

This product is damn cool! Mustache mugs are awesome, and here’s a convenient way to turn any mug/glass into one. The Whisker Dam is like armor for your ‘stache, protecting you from having those embarrassing moments when more of your drink lands in your facial hair than in your mouth. Its small size makes it convenient for carrying with you on the go. If you haven’t seen our YouTube review of the Whisker Dam, you should check it out.

Whisker Dam $25


Stubble Softeners

No one likes a sharp, pointy, and stubbly beard. It’s one of the primary reasons that prevents guys from growing a beard. The Soft Goat Pad allows you to rub down the points, making your facial hair soft, smooth, and ready to stroke.

Soft Goat Stubble & Beard Softener $11.99


Antique Mustache Curlers

Are you looking to get that perfect curled end for your ‘stache? A good mustache wax is an easy way to do this, but there are other options you might want to cautiously explore. Gents had a way of doing this decades ago, and unfortunately the popularity of the Mustache Curler has almost disappeared. If you are looking for the real old-school deal, we found that Ebay has the best selection of antique mustache curlers (Warning: Don’t singe off your beard). If you are looking for a modern tool, we are told a Small Barrel Curling Iron can do the trick (Warning: Don’t singe off your beard).

Antique Mustache Curler Starting at $7
Small Barrel Curing Iron $8.95


Beard Bibs

This product could very well save your marriage, or at least save your bathroom floor from growing a beard of its own. The Beard Bib in an ingenious invention. Here’s how it works: Attach around your neck and suction to your mirror … on second thought just watch this video to see its awesomeness first-hand.

Beard King Beard Bib $24.99


Wrist Ruler

Beardsmen and leather cuffs go hand-in-hand. Not only does this cuff look awesome, but it doubles as a tape measure allowing you to measure the growth of your beard whenever and wherever you might be.

Wrist Ruler $19.95


Beard Rings

While decorating your beard with flowers and holiday ornaments can be gimmicky and ridiculous, decorating your man mane with Viking inspired bling can be badass. Here’s a company that really is the Lord of the Beard Rings.

Silver Beard Rings Starting at $17


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