7 Beard Hacks You Have To Know

—Parker Mallouf

Today, Eric Bandholz, tells us 7 beard hacks that will make growing and having a beard better on a daily basis. Now a beard hack is doing something that is not quite "natural" or "how it's suppose to be" but can still solve the issue. Let's get into the hacks!

Hack 1 (0:25) - Using cold pressed vegetable oil as a beard oil substitute
Hack 2 (0:59) - Grow a long mustache to cover the patches
Hack 3 (1:21) - Learn the pucker technique for kissing & eating
Hack 4 (2:39) - Use a plastic card as a whisker dam replacement
Hack 5 (3:20) - Match your shirt color to your beard
Hack 6 (4:10) - Learn the beard flexing technique
Hack 7 (5:15) - Use sea salt spray to make your beard coarser


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