7 Beard Hacks You Have To Know

Parker Mallouf

Today, Eric Bandholz, tells us 7 beard hacks that will make growing and having a beard better on a daily basis. Now a beard hack is doing something that is not quite "natural" or "how it's suppose to be" but can still solve the issue. Let's get into the hacks!

Hack 1 (0:25) - Using cold pressed vegetable oil as a beard oil substitute
Hack 2 (0:59) - Grow a long mustache to cover the patches
Hack 3 (1:21) - Learn the pucker technique for kissing & eating
Hack 4 (2:39) - Use a plastic card as a whisker dam replacement
Hack 5 (3:20) - Match your shirt color to your beard
Hack 6 (4:10) - Learn the beard flexing technique
Hack 7 (5:15) - Use sea salt spray to make your beard coarser


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  • This isnt as much a hack as itz looking for advice or a comment.
    I had the largest longest pointedest beard for so long, then as i progressed into a harder drug fueled lifestyle my care attention and beard had all but disappeared.
    Now in recovery and clean for 8+ years my beard is back but its growing is slow
    1. Heard it was testosterone depletion in the body after opiate use that affects the growth of beards. If so the depletion adds to slowing growth due to age and bodies natural less productuon.
    2. What can be done to stimulate faster growth.

    Jme on

  • If you want to bring attention to your beard, you need to choose a color that contrasts.
    When your beard and shirt blend into each other, it’s harder to see the full volume of the beard.

    Hack 5 on

  • Great tips! Love your beard oils! Beard on!

    JIm on

  • Always interested in new products, to keep my beard healthy and looking good.

    Hallmark on

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