Top 10 tips for Growing A Beard | Jeff Buoncristiano

—Seth Tucker

Top 10 Tips For Growing Your Beard - by Jeff Buoncristiano

  1. Have a goal. Like everything in life, having a goal to work towards makes you more likely to succeed.
  2. Look for photos of your current beard length as your growing it.
  3. Use beard oil. It's highly beneficial to your skin, and the hair on your face. 
  4. Beard shampoo or organic soap. Get something that won't dry out the skin on your face.
  5. Take photos. Taking photos incrementally will help you track your progress. It's just like an exercise program, a collection of photos will help keep you inspired by helping you track your own progress.
  6. Get a haircut. You might think your beard looks terrible, but get a hair cut and then wait a week. Most often times you'll see the haircut was enough to bring your style back. If you are going to trim your beard, take off as little as possible.
  7. Join the community.
  8. Dress better. You don't need to go buy an entire new wardrobe, but as you start growing your beard out you are improving your overall style.
  9. Exercise and drink water. Exercise helps us sweat out things that might be clogging our hair follicles.
  10. Don't trim your beard. Just let it grow for 3-4 months and then consider a few snips, but seriously just let it grow!

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