9 Beard Style No-No’s

—Urban Beardsman

Beards are cool. We could end this article there and be satisfied, but Cheat Sheet is here with 9 beard styles that they feel should be done away with. Without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

The Wild Man Beard

Cheat Sheet says, “Full-on facial hair works if  you have the ability to keep it impeccably groomed. Otherwise, an unruly beard without boundaries will only lead you into scraggly, unkempt territory.” Agreed – there’s a fine line between a majestic man mane, and an unruly nest of hair that needs to be tamed. A good pair of trimming scissors, beard wash and softener, and beard oil go a long way in helping you avoid the latter.

The Soul Patch

I agree already. Sorry compadre, flavor savers weren’t cool in the 90’s when Mark McGrath rocked one and sang “Every Morning”, and they certainly aren’t cool now.

The Topiary Beard

To be fair, most dudes aren’t walking around with these types of beards unless they’re headed to a beard and mustache competition. But if you are, then maybe bring it down a notch and tame that beast.

A Dyed Beard

Cheat Sheet says, “If you have recently played My Little Pony with your beard — dyeing it every and any shade of the rainbow — then it’s high time you rid yourself of the Roy G Biv action.” Once again, have to agree. Want to eradicate some grays with Just For Men? Totally fine! Want to dye your beard the color of your favorite Gatorade flavor? Step away from the beard dye.

The Patchy Beard

Now this is one I slightly disagree with. Beardbrand did a video on how to deal with a patchy beard, and there are plenty of ways to rock a patchy beard and make it look good.

The Chin Strap

Don’t do it. Just. Don’t.

The Sideburns

This is more referring to muttonchops, and truth be told, unless you’re Wolverine, you might want to skip the ‘chops look.

The Mustache

Another hard “disagree” from me. Have you seen the beardstache? One part Wyatt Earp, one part Sam Elliot, 100% bad-ass.

The Neck Beard

Any beardsman worth his salt knows how to take care of his neckline properly. And just in case you don’t, we’re here to help.

Check out Cheat Sheet’s full article to read more!

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