A Barbershop Just Like the Good ol' Days

—Josh Lawson

Ian is at Gentleman & Rogues Club, and came all the way from Germany! He's getting his hair cut by Mahesh, and they're gonna start with a guard 2. He's gonna smash through some of the weight on the sides then some of the weight on the beard. Basically he wants to do a slightly longer Executive Contour. It's not a fade, but rather a tradition haircut. It's got short back and sides, and blends in with the beard. Mahesh uses the Wahl Icons because Ian has a lot of hair, and they just power through it all.

When he gets the sideburns he goes at an angle so he doesn't take them too short, but then takes it flat with the head as he moves up to create that blend. Then he changes to a 1 guard with an open lever just to get the ends of the neck and around the edges just to remove the line. He has to change his angle every once in a while because of the way the hair grows.

On to scissor over comb. This technique goes back to traditional barbershops when your mom would send you down to the shop for a cut. The length on top is good, but he's gonna take a bit of weight out of it so it doesn't fall flat. To do this he takes the two shortest points and cuts out the middle and connects them. Next Mahesh takes a guarded razor blade to create a little bit of softness and texture. He wants to keep the length at the front, but take some of the weight out as well. So he cuts it with the guarded razor and cuts at an angle. Then he looks around the cut to see if any areas still look heavy and makes them a lighter.

With the beard, he is gonna clean up the cheek line. They are gonna leave the mustache, cause Ian would look Amish otherwise. To help make it look cleaner, he pushes the beard back in the way that it is growing and trims off the edges. This gives it a rounder, softer, finish. Then he gets it across the cheek and does the same thing with the edge of the trimmer. To maintain the shape, he uses scissors on the front and the under part of the beard. Lastly he puts on some transparent shaving gel and uses a straight razor to get rid of those little small hairs around all the edges.

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