A Bearded Guy Plays 20 Questions | Part 1

Greg's back, and he wants to play a little game. Maybe you've heard of it, 20 Questions! You may only hear a few right now, but part two is coming later! He gets a lot of questions on Instagram and YouTube. Normally, he answers as many as possible, so he's gonna go over some of the most common ones. So they strap in, and get to know a little more about Greg (that we didn't already know from his Keep on Growing).

Q: How Old Are You?

A: I am soon to be 56, but by the time this goes live he will be 56 years old. Definitely well on the way to 60, scary thought.

Q: How Long Have You Had a Beard?

A: I am coming up on my third anniversary from the start of his beard. November 2014 was when I started growing the beard I currently have.

Q: What is the Length of Your Beard?

A: It changes from month to month, but it usually sits at about 3 inches of growth. For the average guy, that is about 6 month of growth.

Q: Whose Beard Do You Admire?

A: There are lots of people's beards I admire. I've seen Carlos' beard up close, especially when I slapped away his hands when he would twirl his stache. He has a really fine beard, as well as Jeff. Both their beards are amazingly thick. From Instagram I take inspiration from Marco Bender for his fantastic, thick beard and Oliver James for his pretty amzing beard. I could go on, cause there are a ton of great beards on celebrities out there.

Q: Worst Foods to Eat with a Beard

A: I don't really think about it much, but Carlos' tips about the take away cup was pretty helpful. I was actually gonna put a pizza in a takeaway cup just for this video, but didn't want to bust him too much. The food I hate to eat the most, and refuse to eat in plubic, is an ice cream cone. I love ice cream cones, but whenever I try to eat one it's just a disaster. I do carry a lot of napkins, and drink through a straw for cold liquids, but napkins are key.

Q: What are the Plans for Your Beard?

A: Currently I'm is growing it for the holiday season, mainly Halloween, but after that I'm gonna trim it back. Come November 1, I may be doing something a bit more radical than what I'm used to. I'll still have a beard, but just go a little shorter.

Q: What is Your Favorite Thing About Having a Beard

A: I like that it is a little less maintenance to keep it together than to shave and that my coloring is so distinct.

Q: What Do you Hate About Having a Beard?

A: One of the number one things I hate about having a beard is that people compliment your beard. It's all great, but I'd rather people compliment me instead of my beard. It's just nicer to hear "You look great today!" instead of "Your beard looks great today!". On my particular beard, it can look really bad freshly washed and fresh out of bed in the morning.

Q: Do You Have Any Plans on Returning to a Handlebar Mustache?

A: For about three years I had a pretty dramatic handlebar mustache and my hair was even darker then. I liked having that, and it's what brought me noteriarity on Instagram. I don't think it's in my game plan right now. Maybe a beardstache in the future, but nothing any time soon.

Q: Do You Think Beards are an Icebreaker or a Put Off?

A: I would have to say it's an icebreaker. The amount of complete strangers that will make conversation and talk to me based on the fact they've seen me online or that they just want to compliment my beard. If it is off putting, I'm not aware of it since those people don't approach me.





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