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A Bearded Guy Plays 20 Questions | Part 2

Greg is back again to continue his video from last week, part one! He'll be answering the rest of the questions he receives frequently on Instagram, as well as YouTube. He gets a fair amount of questions on photos, videos, and through his DMs and thought it was just easier to make a video about them rather than answer the same question multiple times. The theme today is social media. Greg doesn't like to think he's particularly famous online, but there is a certain amount of fame that comes with having a video near a million views.

Q: What Do You Think of Your Social Media Fame?

A: I'm somewhat surprised by it myself. On Instagram things moved fairly quickly and it's been in the past six months that things have taken off due to a hair video I made that when viral on Facebook. It was from that video that I've noticed a lot of people recognize me now.

Q: Do People Recognize You in Public?

A: Yes, I get recognized often. People come up to me saying they follow me on Instagram, seen the hair videos I've done on Facebook, or have seen my videos on Beardbrand. I don't think too much of it when I'm in Philadelphia since I live here, but when I traveled we got recognized too. People that seem my content have come to know me, my wife, and even my kids. We got recognized when we traveled through Europe this summer, especially in London, Rome, and Spain. It's just strange to me that it's so common since I only have 70,000 followers, but as the reach of Beardbrand increases I guess I'll get noticed more often.

Q: What Does Your Family Think About Your Instagram Fame?

A: My kids say, "It's really cool, but kinda weird since you're my dad, and dads aren't supposed to be Instagram famous." They are just as perplexed by the amount of fame I have as I am. My wife takes it all in stride. She finds it interesting that strangers are all that interested, but then understands a little bit since she's still interested in me.

Q: Why Doesn't Your Son, @vberzinsky, have a beard?

A: I think he have a beard if he could grow one. Actually, I'm not sure if he wants a beard. At this point in his life he has a very strong chin strap and sideburns, but almost no hair on his lip and chin. It's not time for him to grow a beard, so he'll just have to wait until he's older. He's one of those guys where waiting three months wouldn't show him with a beard.

Q: What Do You Think About the "Steal Your Grandma" Comments?

A: I think it was funny the first time I heard it. I wonder how old people think I am, that I would be stealing someones grandmother cause it's not really I my age demographic since I'm not even old enough to have grandchildren yet. If I was stealing, it would probably be a younger demographic.

Q: Do You Wear Makeup in Your Videos?

A: Several people comment that it looks like I wear eye makeup, and I want to tell you, no, I'm not wearing makeup. It's what we like to call Berzinsky Eye Shadow. I have dark circles on the tops of my eyes as opposed to below them which make my eyelids fairly dark. I also have dark eyelashes in stark contrast to my white beard. On occasion I will put coverup on my nose if my scar looks particularly harsh.

Q: Why Do You Squint in Your Videos?

A: If I could turn the camera around right now you would see there are about 300 watts of lights on my face. I've gotten a lot of comments recently saying I look like a floating head, so we now turn the lights on behind me when I film. The lights are pretty bright, my eyes are pale and I tend to squint any way, and I'm also not wearing glasses. I also tend to squint just by nature of being older.

Q: How Did You Get Acquainted With Beardbrand?

A: It was through Carlos, who contacted me first. We had a conversation on Skype about my beard and my Instagram. Through a couple conversations he suggested I might be a good fit for Beardbrand. It was through him I met Eric, and that was about 18 months ago.

Q: What's It Like to Work With Jeff, Carlos, & Eric?

A: We've had a few interactions in person, but most of the stuff we do is related to emails or DMs. I've met Eric once in person, Carlos a few times (both in London and in Texas), and I've worked with Jeff, who is a very talented videographer and artist, on a couple of videos. They're all great guys, hilarious in person, and very professional. They're a great team to work with.

Q: What Products Do You Wish Beardbrand Would Make?

A: I've talked to Eric about it before that I enjoy a stronger hold Mustache Wax. More hair care products would be great! I use the styling balm for my hair, but it'd be great to have a gel. Soap would also be nice to have.

Those have been some questions that people have asked Greg over the past few months, and we hope you've enjoyed them! As usual, feel free to ask questions below, on the YouTube channel, or on any of our social channels and we'll do our best to answer them!





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