A Bearded Week In Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week In Review

Full beard not your thing? Well Fashion Beans is coming at you with the ultimate stubble guide. (Fashion Beans)

A soldier in England named Cayle Royce set out in December to lead the Row2Recovery team of amputee rowers across the Atlantic ocean. Set to return in February, Royce’s friends have grown beards as a way to welcome him home. (Dartmouth Chronicle)

There’s no denying beards are everywhere nowadays, and Las Vegas Weekly wants to know what your beard says about you. (Las Vegas Weekly)

Off with their beards! Learn a bit of history, and find out how the original beard trend ended thanks to Alexander the Great. (The Atlantic)

If you don’t have a beard, you have no morals or intelligence. If you think that’s absurd, check out the rest of the ridiculous beliefs about beards from history. (Bustle)

This week we shared the nine most well-groomed cities in America. (Urban Beardsman)

Big job interview? Put down the razor, compadre. No need to go beardless. (Urban Beardsman)

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