A Bearded Week In Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week In Review

Daily Mail is coming at you with the (apparent) real reason men grow beards. (Daily Mail)

Ilya Vorobyov, coach of the Russian hockey team Magnitogorsk, agreed to shave off half his beard if his team defeated rivals CSKA. Magnitogorsk was victorious, and Vorobyov is left with half a beard. (RT)

Oddly enough, Vorobyov isn’t the only half-beard game in town – A Florida man was arrested for possession of marijuana. But maybe he should have been arrested for intentionally sporting half a beard. (Metro.co.uk)

It was reported last year that “bearded men are more likely to be love rats” but new studies have proven that is total crap. (Telegraph)

The Okanagan Beard Festival began in February and enters its final round on April 25. (Penticon Western News)

Actor Christopher Meloni’s Twitter feed is full of bearded selfies. (Adweek)

Beardbrand announced the official re-release of their popular Temple Smoke beard oil. (Urban Beardsman)

Game of Thrones’ season premier is tomorrow night, and we sat down with Hodor himself – Kristian Nairn – to talk Thrones, DJing, and horror films. (Urban Beardsman)

Did you know your beard is good for the environment? (Urban Beardsman)

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