A Bearded Week in Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week in Review

In addition to expressing one’s independence and increasing attractiveness, beards have been used as a plot devices in Hollywood films for decades. (i09)

It’s being presumed that a beard makes a man more likely to cheat, but if you ask me, the razor companies are just generating propoganda again. (Huffington Post)

A recent study among British men has found that sporting a well kept beard is no longer just a trademark of hipster types. (Standard)

The cop shop in Detroit Lakes has taken on a more “rugged” look these days, as a majority of the officers there are now sporting some respectably long facial hair. (DL-Online)

Talk show hosts and facial hair have been the topic of many discussions these past few weeks, and Jimmy Kimmel has finally chimed in on his beardsman experience. (Vulture)

With No Shave November and Movember on the horizon, one fraternity is using their beards to raise awareness of prostate cancer. (The Maroon)

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