A Bearded Week In Review

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A Bearded Week In Review

What’s an “Achievement Beard” you ask? Here’s the recently retired, David Letterman as an example. (The New Yorker)

MLB playoff season is back, and that also means the return of the baseball beard is in full swing (pun intended). Here are some of the best beards of the season. (Baseball Essential)

The 2015 World Beard and Moustache Competition has come and gone, and here are some of the most eccentric beards to touch down in Leogang. (Storypick)

60-year-old Chris Dawson spends nine months growing his beard, gets his Santa suit tailor-made in North America, and has a hit out on all of the “would-be skinny Santas” with false beards, dark hair and cheap suits, because “children deserve better”. (Wales Online)

The restoration of King Tutankhamun’s gold mask will begin on Saturday, and pretty soon the beloved Egyptian beard will be making its way back upon Tut’s tomb.(The Guardian)

NFL fans spend the week pouring over statistics to see where their team can improve, or how to get an edge in fantasy football, but until now they lacked information in an important area: facial hair. (Sports Illustrated)

If you needed further proof that facial hair makes everything better, here are some Star Wars characters without facial hair, and it’s as creepy as it sounds. (Fansided)

This month sees the beginning of Alun Withey’s three-year project “Do Beards Matter?” as he delves into the extent at which beards reflect a symbol of masculinity. (The Good Men Project)

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