A Bearded Week In Review

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A Bearded Week In Review

This isn’t the first Viking invasion of England for nearly a thousand years, these are the bearded warriors of the Rugby World Cup. (Daily Mail)

In honor of Documentary Now! telling the Blue Jean Committee’s story, IFC put together a tribute to the most epic facial hair in soft rock. (IFC)

Austin Facial Hair Club is catering to man’s bearded best friend, as they prepare to host a dog facial hair competition. (The Daily Texan)

The State of Illinois is still operating without a budget, and now staff from some mental health centers are taking the issue into their own hands…. or beards, rather. (Illinois Homepage)

There were a lot of winners at the 67th Primtime Emmy Awards, and the biggest one happened to be the beard. (People)

With movember fast approaching it’s time to assess the best facial fluff the world of football has to offer, but first that requires getting more beards into the premier league. (Football Fancast)

Australia’s most bewhiskered band is back on home turf and after celebrating a decade of razor-free living, the follicular foursome run us through their 5 weirdest, beardiest moments on the road. (Music Feeds)

Across the pond, the beard movement is picking up steam as the British Army is petitioning parliament for the freedom to wear their beards. (Forces TV)

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