A Bearded Week In Review

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A Bearded Week In Review

Modern times call for US soldiers to be completely shaven, but surprisingly, there was a period of time where wearing a beard with your rifle was the norm.

Pogonolist (bearded scholar) Dr. Allan Peterkin has broken down the science of “What a Man’s Facial Hair Says About Him.” (Huffington Post)

The devastation of losing their twin sons led Mark and Rebecca Habner to join the Beards of Hope campaign, where they’ve raised over $5000 for bereaving parents. (Port Lincoln Times)

The need for a great beard has gone global and with facial hair transplants on the rise, men are flocking to Thailand for the perfect beard. (The New Daily)

Not everyone thinks facial hair is a fashion worth celebrating. Dr Alun Withey explains why the current furry-faced “fad” has outlasted its detractors, and why we shouldn’t try to relegate this beard resurgence to a trend. (The Telegraph)

You wouldn’t believe the amazing beards looking to good to be real on display in Plymouth. (The Herald)

We’ve all pondered why Irish men’s beards, no matter what their hair color is, grow with at least a tint of red in them? It turns out it’s not just their Celtic roots. (Irish Central)

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