A Bearded Week In Review

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A Bearded Week In Review

World Beard Day is coming September 5th, and it’s time to recognize some of the most impressive beards in the land. (Grimsby Telegraph)

The Assassin’s Creed series has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon, and the latest entry is going to be bringing the beard with the introduction of both Charles Darwin AND Charles Dickens. (Games Radar)

In honor of cricket legend William Gilbert “W. G.” Grace, cricketers in Thornbury will be donning false beards for their next match to mark the 100th year since his passing. (Bristol Post)

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies will be looking a little more burly for the next couple of months, as they begin growing out their beards for the Charlie Kubala Memorial Trust. (The State)

If you’re looking to swap your lackluster scruff for some bolder bristles, these Portland beardsmen have just the beardspiration you need. (Popsugar)

Facial hair is not only attractive, according to scientists, it’s also popular, and we have over a millennium of data to prove it. (Business Insider)

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