A Bearded Week In Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week In Review

If you thought beard dying was weird, consider this grand unified theory of why people are dying their body hair. (Slate)

Color aside, you can’t blame the beard for wanting to be included in the fun of body hair color and adornment. Body hair is body hair, after all, and we live in an age of anything goes. Now it’s time to give the braided beard its moment. (Huffington Post)

Inspired by Jimmy Niggles “Beard Season” work in the last few years, Angelino Schintu set out to get the men of Western Australia to prove they’re manly enough to keep on top of their health using their beards. (Yahoo! Australia)

Beard Balm and Beard Oil are two very similar products that can achieve both similar or different results. Unclear on the difference? Let us clear the air. (Beardbrand: YouTube)

With all the recent headlines involving beards in the workplace, more employers are beginning to face obstacles when it comes to enforcing look policies. (Supra Legal News)

Baseball Hall of Famer Richard Michael “Goose” Gossage broke down his list of the best facial hair in MLB history. (Bleacher Report)

With all the uproarious fashion blogs declaring beards to be “over,” Max Bonem fired back on behalf of the beardsman with a few choice words of his own. (Urban Beardsman)

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