A Bearded Week In Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week In Review

There’s no music festival out there celebrating summer and the beard quite like Wildwood Music Festival and Campout, where your beard is NOT optional. It’s a prerequisite. (The Source Weekly)

French policemen are finally going to be allowed to let their hair down a little after unions won a battle to relax rules on officers sporting beards and tattoos. (The Telegraph)

What has 53 percent of men feeling more attractive to women and 41 percent feel more confident? You guessed it! The beard. (Yahoo! Beauty)

Beard affinity continues to cross borders with this breakdown of 13 Indian men proudly displaying the unexplained, mythical power of a beard. (Mens XP)

In another knockout punch to beard bigotry, Disney has lifted restrictions, previously preventing a Sikh American delivery man to work his routes wearing both his turban and his beard. (ABC News)

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