A Bearded Week in Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week in Review

Two of the biggest cases to rely on Hobby Lobby didn’t involve corporations, or contraception or any of the other usual suspects. They involved the right to grow beards. (USA Today)

While we’re on the topic of beard triumphs, the Supreme Court also ruled in the favor of the beard, in allowing a Sikh student’s right to retain his facial hair AND join his school’s ROTC program. (The Washington Post)

Braun conducted a survey across NYC, which resulted in a burough-by-burough bearded breakdown of New York’s beardsmen. (Bustle)

Chris Bond and James Denley-Dufton put all that “peak beard” talk to shame, as they’ve reached the halfway point of their beard challenge, while continuing to raise money for Samartans and Alzheimer’s research. (Gloucestershire Echo)

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