A Bearded Week in Review

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A Bearded Week in Review

The U.S. Military is easing up on facial hair regulations, but there ARE a few conditions. (Tribune)

Beardbrand’s Blank Slate Beard Oil was one of the top 5 beard oils you need. (Huffington Post UK)

Modern Salon got to the “root” of the “How” and “Why” when it comes to beard oil. (Modern Salon)

Millennials were praised for the resurgence of beards and tattoos in the professional workplace. (Eastern Echo)

A recent study revealed that a man’s facial hair can give off clues relating to his personality. (Arabian Business)

The grooming regimen of the NBA’s resident King of Beards, James Harden, was shared. (Huffington Post)

Some of the world’s most incredible beards invaded Las Vegas. (Mirror)

We got an insider’s opinion on the best beards in professional sports today. (The Observer)

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