A Bearded Week In Review

Urban Beardsman
A Bearded Week In Review

If you like it, now you really can put a beard on it. (Wurstify)

There’s a WHOLE lot of beard behind the Guitar Hero resurrection.

When the Stranded Sailors needed some spring beard tips, they looked no further than our own beard expert, Eric Bandholz. (Stranded Sailors)

Fire took the building, but it didn’t kill the spirit. Robert Grimmett, the beard behind Robert Mason Co. is ready for his comeback. (Columbus Business First)

The beard has taken over Silicon Valley. (Recode)

You can add the “Beard Tax” to your list of the most insane taxes ever. (The Telegraph)

The “Last Man On Earth” had a rough time figuring out his beard. (NPR)

Having trouble eating with a beard? Let Action Bronson give you some pointers. (Huffington Post)

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