A Bearded Week in Review

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A Bearded Week in Review

Beards are finally making headlines, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the stories. Each week we gather the good, bad, and kickass bearded stories out there. Beard on!

Where does Buzzfeed go when writing a story about before & after beard transformations? They go to UB Magazine’s before & after beard contest page! We are pretty stoked that a few of our readers are featured in this fun article. (Buzzfeed)

Beards make you hotter, and we’re not talking about the temperature. (Huffington Post)

What would you do if you accidently broke off the beard from a priceless King Tut burial mask? Get out the hot glue gun of course! (Associated Press)

Did you get in a heated debate over which celebrity had the best beard during the SAG Awards? We didn’t think so. But, if you are really bored right now you can vote for your favorite. (Pop Sugar)

This feature is a total knock-off of Urban Beardman Magazine’s current before & after contest, but it’s still a little addicting to scroll through all these celebrity before and after beard pics. (The Telegraph)

Facial hair first evolved in primates to help them easily recognize each other … as AWESOME. (Huffington Post)

Sikh police officers can now wear their beards … at least in Houston and a few other places. (The Washington Post)

Bad beard grooming happens, but when it happens to celebrities like Robert Pattinson it gets shared with millions of people. (Esquire)

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