A Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Beard: Week Three

—Urban Beardsman

Congratulations new beardsmen, the end of the month has just arisen over the horizon. After three weeks of growth, both of the facial hair and personal varieties, the end of Growvember is almost within reach. By this point, you’ve passed the stages of itching and scratching that plague almost all beardsmen from time to time and now you’ve reached cruise control, noting an ever-thickening man mane and enjoying the ride from day to day. You’ve done well man, keep on keepin’ on.

Of course, just like our previous reports during week one and two of Growvember, you’ve probably encountered certain realities and benchmarks that each of us do during the third week of beard and/or mustache growth. With three weeks behind you at this point, your beard has become more of a part of you than you probably ever anticipated and now you’re looking beyond just the month of November to just how long you want to let it grow. However, let’s take a look at what else has come up during week three of Growvember.

Your Beard Is Officially A Part of You

Of course your beard is a part of you, but rather than being this once-foreign presence, it has now evolved into one of your defining features, announcing itself from a distance for all to see. You find yourself stroking your beard when you’re deep in thought and you make sure to check on your neck and cheek lines, along with your beard’s overall cleanliness, as part of your morning grooming routine. In just a matter of weeks, you’ve gone from feeling complete without facial hair to feeling even more so with it and that in itself is half the reward of embracing your inner beardsman for Growvember.

You’ve Started Looking Beyond Growvember

At the beginning of the month, you were probably counting down the days until you were allowed to shave again, constantly reminding yourself of how many weeks you had left to go. However, flash-forward three weeks and suddenly you’re now pondering how long you want your beard to grow beyond the month of November. Growvember encourages men young and old to let their facial hair flourish in the name of men’s health, but at a certain point you start to wonder just how long you want your beard to grow, beyond the required timeframe. A three-week beard just starts to hint at the possibilities of what your beard is capable of, showing its first signs of filling in and establishing a thick layer across your mug. With the finish line in sight though, now you have to consider the life of your beard beyond Growvember.

You’re Considering Other Styles of Facial Hair

As the month of November continues on, you’re going to find yourself considering new styles of facial hair to experiment with. Mutton chops, a goatee, the handlebar moustache, these are all great options and can be a fun change of pace for your personal style. However, try to resist until Growvember has come to a close. If you do opt to shave your facial hair off once the month has ended, have some fun with it and try out some different looks during the week following Growvember’s close. That’s one of the great things about letting your beard grow, it allows you to try on a whole slew of different faces for all to enjoy.

You Feel Confident In Your Facial Hair

For rookie participants, it’s easy to feel subconscious as you let your facial hair grow out for the first time. In the beginning, your beard can look thin or patchy or discolored, however, once you’ve hit the three week mark, your beard will have filled in and will be instilling you with a new confidence that might seem completely foreign. In the beginning, you viewed facial hair as a feature that simply covers up your face, however, over time you’ve come to look at your facial hair as something that accentuates your features rather than hides them. After three weeks, you’ll feel confident in your beard and, in turn, your beard will instill confidence in yourself as whole. It’s a beautiful relationship that only gets better with time.

Your Beard Finally Looks Like You Hoped It Would

Beards take time, simple as that. However, when you start growing your first beard, you want your face to go from completely shaven to woodsman overnight. This is, of course, impossible and can frustrate some who aren’t as fond of the in between stages. However, after three weeks your beard is finally starting to look like just that, an actual beard rather than just overgrown scruff. That milestone, where your facial hair finally reaches the introductory beard length, is one of the best moments of Growvember and as you continue on with the rest of the month, and beyond, your beard only gets more epic and beneficial from here.

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