A Beginner’s Guide to Growing a Beard: Week Two

Congratulations, Growvember participants, you’ve officially made it halfway through your four week journey. By now you’ve most likely become both used to and quite fond on your new, hairier mug, and the thoughts of stroking your future beard or twirling your future mustache while staring off into the abyss fills you with excitement and joy. This is an excellent span for your first bearded voyage as you’ve hopefully gotten past your initial hesitations for the month ahead and simply accepted whatever path your own genetics take. That in itself is one of the biggest hurdles of being a beardsman.

As we head into the second half of Growvember, there are a few experiences that you’ve either had in the past week or will soon that we can all relate to. Even though your beard has only reached half the length it will by the end of the month, you’re well on your way to reaching full-bearded (or mustachioed) glory in a few more weeks. In the meantime, let’s look at some of the milestones from the second week of growing your beard.

Your Facial Hair Is Starting to Set Its Boundaries

Over the first week or so of Growvember, it’s easy to think that your facial hair is just going to keep sprouting further up your cheeks and down your neck, but after the second week you should start to see the natural boundaries of however your facial hair chooses to grow. For some of us, this means that our beards are getting a little too close to connecting directly with our eyebrows while for others this could mean that they’ll never have to worry about shaving a neckline as their facial hair comes to an abrupt hault just above their adam’s apples. Whatever observations you’re able to make know that there’ll be even more to come in the next two or so weeks.

Your Beard Is (Hopefully) Itching Less

We all know this point far too well and unfortunately there’s no good solution to combating your beard’s itchiness. Although brushing or combing it and applying a bit of beard oil occasionally will help some, you’re going to want to scratch your ever-growing facial hair all the time. Hopefully though after two weeks the need to scratch will start to mellow out and you’ll begin to simply enjoy the new look that has descended upon your increasingly disappearing facial skin. If not, breath deep and know that this phase will soon come to an end.

You Appear to Be Aging Very Quickly

If there’s one thing beards universally do to guys, it’s make them look older. No matter how young your face looks, letting a beard run its course and cover up much of your mug will instantly add a few years onto your being. Whether you’re 20 or 70, it can be a nice change of pace to display a slightly more refined and mature look, especially if you’re on the younger end of the spectrum. Instantly people will start assuming that you’re older than they would’ve before and with that comes respect and appreciation.

This is More Than Simply Not Shaving For a Few Days

Fact: there is a difference between growing a beard and simply not shaving for a few days. However, this might not become apparent until the second or third week of the month. It’s usually right around the two week mark where you’ll start shaving a neck line, unless you’re simply opting for the completely natural look for Growvember, and the second that happens is when you officially go from someone simply opting not to shave to a true beardsman. Additionally, people will start recognizing that this isn’t simply you being lazy and that you’re actually focusing your efforts on a new look and a good cause.

You’ll Start Saluting An Increasing Number of Fellow Beardsmen

No matter where you go in the western world, beardsmen always recognize other beardsmen. If you’re an American walking the streets of Germany or a Spaniard exploring Australia and you come across another beardsman or mustachioed gentleman, there will be a subtle nod of recognition and respect. No matter what culture you come from or language you speak, choosing to grow a beard is a decision that can be translated across differences and distances. Your fellow beardsmen understand you in a way that others simply cannot and whether it’s another beardsman you see at your favorite bar or on a business trip on the other side of the planet, it always pays to give a salute to those traversing the same facial hair-focused path as you.

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