A Clean Trim to Look Great at Your Next Celebration

—Josh Lawson

Today we have Eric from Texas visiting Figaros for the weekend to get his haircut for the fourth of July party they were gonna have at the military base. He wants to get in between a medium and low skin fade with a side part, and really tight on top. We start with a classic maneuver, the comb and trimmers. Slowly getting rid of a little bit of weight from the sides and trim away some of the split ends. This technique can be used for any type of haircut. Then we make sure that all sides of the hair are proportional to each other and the head.

Next, he takes the clippers and marks the line by shaving up to the point where he wants to start the fade. He does this all around the head to create an even fade across the board, and trimming where he needs to, especially around the ears and the back of the neck. Now the fade process begins. He takes the trimmers again, but with a 1 guard this time, and slowly works to blend the line. He goes over the hair near the top of the sides again to get rid of longer hairs or flyaways. The barber goes over the lines again with a 0.5 just to make sure they are as smooth as possible.

After wetting it down, he goes in with scissors to even out the edges. He swept the top to either side and made sure it was proportional to the sides. The barber makes sure the highest point of the haircut is the front, and the rest is all proportional to that part. We end with a blow dry and a brush to get Eric's hair the way he likes to wear it usually, and a pair of scissors and comb to texturize and thin the hair on top.

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