A Cleaner Beard Starts With Your Skin

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Acne is one of the great unifiers of all people. At some point or another, whether it was during those awkward teen years or later on into adulthood, we’ve all been plagued by this uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. In fact, I would say that some of you started growing your beards in the first place to help cover up some of your acne. I certainly know I did. However, even for those of us with beards, there are still things to keep in mind as we try to keep both our skin and beards as clean as we can.

According to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, acne stems from two places. The first is from ingrown hair, which can be simply remedied by letting one’s facial hair grow out however it sees fit. The second is a little more complicated. Overproduction of oil, which comes about from a combination of both genetics and not cleaning your face regularly, leads to your pores getting clogged, which in turn forms bacteria and infection. Obviously the first person to consult is your dermatologist, however, for those of us with beards out there, we were excited to hear about a new tool that can help us keep our skin clean, even the areas buried deep beneath our beards.

The Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a tool specially designed with men – particularly bearded men – in mind. The Alpha Fit gently cleans the skin and provides the user with a healthier face and beard by simply running it over your facial skin and beard. Easy to use in the shower or when dry, the Clarisonic can be a great addition to anyone’s skin care regimen. Now for those of us without a Clarisonic, we have a few simple tips for keeping your face and beard as clean as can be.

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Don’t Overwash

Yes, you heard us right. Believe it or not, washing your beard too often can lead to it drying out from loss of the essential oils your facial hair requires to maintain its health. Similarly, your facial skin requires a certain level of oil to stay healthy. The key here is balance and regularity when it comes to washing your face and beard. Unless you work in a field geared towards getting your face dirty, try to only wash your beard thoroughly once a week or so. Focus on washing your face every other day if possible, and be sure to use a beard wash that has been formulated specifically for beards. After a while you might be tempted to wash both more, but trust us, this is definitely a case of less is more.

Get Your Fingers Under Your Beard

For any beardsman out there, this is key. One of the perks of having a beard is that it does help keep your face out of the elements, ensuring that you maintain a more youthful face under your facial hair. However, your beard will also trap oil and dirt on your skin, so when cleaning your face it’s essential that you get under your beard and make as much contact with your actual facial skin as possible. Start by working your fingers into the facial hair bordering your cheek bones, slowly working your way into the deeper and thicker sections of your beard towards your chin and jawline. This will help get any type of cleanser that you’re using deeper into your beard, and will in turn make more direct contact with your skin. In this case, a little extra effort will go a long way towards your facial skin’s health.

Use A Gentle Cleanser

Repeat after me: I will not use regular soap on my beard. Got it? Your facial hair isn’t like regular hair and therefore requires something a little more specific for optimal cleanliness. We highly recommend trying out a beard wash, which is specially formulated to clean your beard without drying it out like many other cleansers tend to. We suggest using the beard wash once or twice a week, but you can use it daily if you are in environments where your beard gets dirty regularly, and be sure to follow-up with a beard softener which helps to condition the hair. The goal is to give these tips a shot and see if you notice any positive results – Once you find the right routine for you, stick with it and keep your beard, and skin, looking and feeling their best.


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